Transfers, signings & tables at the end of the season (possibly).


Transfers, signings & tables at the end of the season (possibly).

I thought this was one of the best transfer windows we’ve had in many a year. We are building a team that can win trophies.

At the end of this article, I'll give my prediction on how I see the Premier league table ending.

Usually, we don't do anything until the very last minute of the deadline— in this transfer window, we did our business early. Why is it different this time around? I would say a combination of having one of the worlds top coaches and a bad start on the opening weekend, a defeat at home by Everton focused minds and kicked us into gear (or Levy into gear).

We got Matt Doherty and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg from Wolves and Southampton respectively. They should be substantial additions, but the business hit a higher gear with the brilliant loan deal to bring Gareth Bale back home, also joined by Bernabeu team-mate Sergio Reguilon, the Spain left-back who helped Sevilla win the Europa League. Even if Bale is only on the bench and coming on when we need him, that would be an added bonus (he does suffer from injuries so we have to use him wisely).

Jose Mourinho also got the cover for Harry Kane he so desired via a loan deal for Benfica's talented Brazilian striker Carlos Vinicius, who scored 24 times for the Lisbon giants last season.

I do feel confident, and apart from our terrible game against Everton, we’ve improved every game afterwards, culminating in our 6-1 thrashing of United. And don’t forget us progressing in two competitions (League Cup & Europa competition).

The club and Mourinho can regard the window as a job well done. And reading on social media, not only the club and coach, but the fans as well.

Two players left us on loan:

Ryan Sessegnon joins Hoffenheim on loan

Ryan Sessegnon has joined Hoffenheim, the German club, on loan for the rest of the season. He has played as a left-back, and a winger joined us from Fulham for £25m in August 2019 but has struggled to make an impression. He has made 12 appearances for us in the Premier League but hasn’t played for us this season.

Hoffenheim are sixth in the Bundesliga after three games and will also compete in this season’s Europa League. So it is possible we could face them, but not Ryan playing for them.

Let us wish him luck and hope to see him back with us next season.

Juan Foyth signs new deal before a loan move to Villarreal

Juan Foyth has joined Villarreal on a season-long loan after signing a new contract until 2023. The 22-year-old Argentina international has made 32 appearances for us since joining from Estudiantes in August 2017. He has scored once in the league win over Crystal Palace in November 2018.

He hasn’t played for us this season and has had a few injures, however, he has joined La Liga club for the remainder of the campaign.

It is obvious – by his signing – that the club still sees he has a future with us. No doubt he will come back stronger and wiser.

How it could all end!

As we stand at this point in time, I see trophies, a top-four spot (and yes, even winning the league).

My prediction for the end of the season.

Premier League

1.   Spurs

2.   Liverpool

3.   Everton

4.   Manchester City or Leicester City

Disagree, ok, what's yours?

I can’t see Chelsea, United or Arsenal being good enough. I think Chelsea will struggle to get a top-five spot. Man United and Arsenal are also rebuilding their teams. Granted, you could say the same about us, but the bulk of our team have been with us awhile. And those that have joined recently have done exceptionally well. However, I am judging by what I’ve recently seen. Next week and everything could change. But isn’t dreamers about football as well? And even dreams come true (just ask Ipswich Town in the 60s, Derby Country in the 70s, Forest and even Leicester City). But they’ve been lucky, we’ve always been a top club (just a few sour dips throughout our history, now with a new stadium the phoenix shall rise).

As for the top four; I don’t think Liverpool are that good to win it again (as the pundits say) and last season they were lucky, with the other teams being too weak to challenge them. Everton have had a good start and have a good manager, but I think they will tire and fall at the last hurdle. Manchester City are a good team, have had an awkward start, but not good enough for the title. If it wasn’t for West Ham beating Leicester City, I would have put them in 4th place, but I’ve tied them with City instead.

Of course, a lot of you will disagree, but I am judging from where I am sitting at the moment (in this point in time), nearer Christmas I might see it differently again. It is all part of the fun, and in my WhatsApp group, we are going to put some money on Spurs winning the title. We’ll either be looking back and celebrating our winnings or be embarrassed for being so wrong.

In the next couple of weeks we’ve got – in the league -  the Spammers at home, Burnley away, Brighton home, WBA away and Man City at home; all winnable games. Get some good results there, and we could be smiling, to do otherwise I could have egg on my face. But isn’t the beginning of all seasons – and that is for all clubs – about dreaming the impossible dream? I’ve been dreaming about winning the league again since I first was taken to Tottenham before the Double season by my dad, and granted, those dreams haven’t materialised (even though we have won trophies through the decades), but I’ve always stayed optimistic that our Glory, Gory days and nights will be back again. Part of that dream was to see a stadium that was fit for the 21st Century, now the jigsaw is being gradually assembled.


Best regards, Glenn


  1. Lets hoe your right ive been going since 1961/62 season maybe i was the jinx


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