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Has Levy lost the plot

  Has Levy lost the plot By Don Scully Under Levy's managerial appointments, we are gradually sinking down to the level of clubs like the Spammers. This is ironic, seeing as they are doing well this season and above us. Anyway, Levy is losing his focus by appointing the wrong managers to manage the team or expect too much of them by giving them so little cash to improve matters (to the standards of the other big five clubs). We are supposed to be a top-six club (financially, maybe) but act like a Brighton or Everton when investing in the team. Take Ryan Mason, what possessed Levy to put an inexperienced youth coach in charge of the team (with no experience of running any professional club)? It is sheer madness and suicidal. We would have been better sticking with Mourinho. Mason's been in charge of four games, one of them could have seen us win a trophy and three league games. Won two, lost two. Mason's greenness cost us. Mason suffered his first Premier League de

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