This weekend we will be allowed into the Tottenham Stadium… oh, no! Cancel that!

This weekend we will be allowed into the Tottenham Stadium… oh, no! Cancel that!

It has been reported in certain newspapers that Tottenham applied - for this weekend - to allow an experimental group of fans into the stadium, but was quickly rejected by the Government.

Yes, The Evening Standard divulged that Levy and Co have had a request for us fans to get a look-in well before October. But, and there is always a “but “ in the dying minutes – just before the weekend was upon us – the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport department rejected it. Probably Arsenal or even Chelsea fans working behind the scenes (sycophants) didn’t think it was wise that a great club like ours should be given the honours before minor teams such as their own.

I also believe that several other clubs also requested test matches before the official time.

Last week the left-leaning Guardian conveyed that our Government remains – still - hopeful that spectators would be allowed back to stadiums, but at a reduced capacity from October 1.

Levy was hoping that a test event at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium could see the return of around 31,000 fans.

The club (basically Levy) were hoping that we could have 8,000 fans at the game tomorrow (Everton), with 4,000 from the Premium section and 4,000 of GA’s (General admission).

Of course, there will be some sporting pilots going ahead this weekend; however, they will be restricted to about 1,000 spectators after the recent spike in COVID-19 cases.

Will the October 1 date still be available because of the current spike in the virus? If not then clubs will suffer severe financial catastrophe if spectators are not allowed to the grounds as soon as possible.

My thoughts

I had high hopes until the Government reported large spikes appearing around the country of the COVID-19. On that front, I can’t see anything changing any day soon, and according to the authorities, it won’t be until next year, if not a year away, before there is a vaccine.

No matter how much the clubs try to protect the supporters inside the stadium – even with social distancing – the real problem will be before they get into the stadium, between buses, trains, or on foot and arriving at the gates of the stadium. The police will find it difficult to police such large gatherings. And if – out of those crowds – there is a considerable infection then the finger/ blame is going to be pointed directly at the supporters and the footballing authorities for allowing such death-traps. Then the shit will hit the fan (more ways than just one), and armageddon for those clubs will have arrived.

Best regards, Glenn


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