Our New stadium; up to date photos.

Our New stadium; up to date photos.

Before going to West Ham, I stayed in London at my girlfriend’s house in Goodmayes, near Stratford. That was the night before the match.

I decided a detour and made my way to our new ground (only 35 minutes away from Hanna’s house).
The last time I had been there (I had written an article then about it) the stadium looked like it still needed a lot of work doing to it. This time around the work seemed only cosmetic. The superstore – the biggest in Europe – is nearly completed and will be open in the next couple of days/ weeks. I noticed that there were Spurs goods in the store already.

The thrill of seeing that stadium made my mouth water. I can’t wait until I finally set foot in the ground, or be precise, my allocated seat (which is in the west stand, upper).

I stayed about 45 minutes and then made my way to Goodmayes. The next day I visited the plastic Meccano stadium, called London stadium. The now home of West Ham, but not in West Ham, but Stratford… confused? So are the West Ham supporters who cry all the way from East Ham to an alien part of London that is known for its home of the Olympics.

A bit of information about Stratford:
'Stratford East' however is not a location; the 'East' is used to differentiate between Stratford (East London) and Stratford-upon-Avon. Stratford Circus is a contemporary performing arts venue that was designed by Levitt Bernstein architects and built with funding from the National Lottery which opened in 2001.

The London Stadium was funded by the taxpayer and passed on to poor West Ham to make their millions and fleecing the taxpayer in the process. Anyway, this article isn’t about West Ham or its Meccano stadium, but our stadium and future. I just thought I’d throw that into the mix to show how lucky we are and how miserable West Spammers must feel.

Enjoy the photos, it is your new home very soon… very, very soon.

By Glenn Renshaw


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