The next few days could put us on the right road.

The next few days could put us on the right road.

As a Spurs fan and seasoned traveller, I look forward with enthusiasm. Over the many years – going back to the Bill Nicholson era – I have seen my share of highs (the Double) and lows (relegation to the old Second Division) and plenty of forebodings and hopes in between. Then a new dawn dawned with the arrival of the new Premier League. It came with new expectations (we were regarded as one of the top five teams) so we dreamed once more, but nothing, hopes dashed again. Then battles for ownership took our aspirations into a different direction, followed by near bankruptcy and eventually new owners (Sugar coating the dreams) then a new millennium unveils itself to the world, followed by another owner with another set of ideas in making our club great again.

Flatlining for a while until a new stadium is unveiled, followed by the arrival of an Argentian manager. Then the dream starts to take shape, and the fans dreamed the dream of such glorious possibilities once more. We began buying into Levy’s vision (or at least some of us did), and the future was starting to look rosy.
As Spurs fans, we’ve gone through so many hoops in the hope of finding that promised land that we once trod. Now we hope there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

We had three good starts to this season, a blip and now we face Liverpool. If all goes well we then travel to Italy to hopefully show that we can go a lot further than we did last season in the Champions League. If that happens then anything is possible.

As I sit gazing out of my window, my thoughts are for tomorrow, my trip to Italy and beyond. Even though I’ve dreamed every season, followed by excuses I do know that our history, our prospects with a new stadium and manager that buys into our aspirations,  it feels different this time around. Past ups and downs, dreams confidently disappearing… only to be replaced with – hopefully - solid silverware we can actually lift high and shout “we are back!”.

#You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join me
And the club will be an elite one#

Just Imagine! COYS! 

By Glenn Renshaw


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